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Do you know what are the major commodities in India?

Commodities are basically the goods which have some value and which can be sold in the markets not the normal markets but the share and stock markets of India. Actually, Shares are basically a token of ownership of a particular company whose shares you buy.

There are two types of commodities in India  soft commodities like tea, Sugar, Coffee  and hard commodities like metals, gold, silver. Investing in these commodities creates a large market called the  commodity market where shares are exchanged and people invest in this commodities to earn money it totally depends on the luck of investor as when the price of  the particular commodity increases.

There are various advisory’s for this purpose which provide you with different types of tips like mcx tips, commodity tips and after analyzing the whole market through computational means they give you advises or tips as on which commodity you need to invest and how much money you can earn when you will spend on that particular commodity.

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